Milan Karia

  • Computer Science Graduate from Brunel University
  • Developing* Web developer
  • Hardware enthusiast
  • *Possible terrible pun guy
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    A little more detail

    My personal interest for science and technology in computing has developed and grown exponentially as I began to explore further into the subjects surrounding it both academically and in my personal life. The technological leaps and bounds helped spark my interest into both the physics and mathematical aspects, and also my curiosity in computing from a hardware perspective, to the vast and ever changing and endless lines of code behind it all.



    Comprehensive in the core language of the Web


    Able to make this text Blue (of course a little bit more)


    Make some of this stuff move and generally make a more modern site


    Animations look really nice in my opinion...

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    Striving for a balance of professionalism and what is most probably terribly inappropriate comedic language

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